Safe Building

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Have you ever wondered what goes into making your gun or fire safe? It is quite the process, but it hasn’t changed in many years. The safes we build today are basically the same construction as those 100 years ago, and are just as strong. With new electrical components and better insulating materials, the safes of today contain just a few improvements. Find out how safe makers do what they do.

Safe Maintenance

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While safes may be some of the toughest boxes to crack, time has no problem getting them open. After a while of sitting still, the metal will eventually rust, dust will ruin the locking mechanism and time will take over. This can be completely avoided with routine maintenance. Keep your safe clean, oil up the bolts every once in a while and call a locksmith to service the lock every few years.

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Testing Safes

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Safes need to be able to withstand high temperatures and powerful safe cracking tools. In order to make this happen, special materials are used that have some amazing properties. To make sure that a safe maker’s claims are true, the safes must be tested. Fire proof safes are rated by how long they can withstand a flame and still protect the safe’s contents. Other safes are rated for how long of an attack they can withstand.

Owning a Safe

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Purchasing a safe can be a great investment. Whether you just want to put your vital documents inside, or you have gold bars to protect, the right safe will do the job. Make sure you pick the right safe though. Some safes that are meant to protect against a hot fire will offer minimal protection against thievery. Make sure to read the packaging clearly and do your due diligence before buying one.